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Exceeding Expectations

Outcome-Based IT

TAM's service offerings (including ITonDemand) represent a shift of delivery models from reactive "capacity on demand" to proactive "capability on demand." Capability on demand is achieved through the tight bundling of software, services and infrastructure that fit together and function seamlessly as a cohesive solution that is outcome-based.

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Remote Monitoring and Management

ITonDemand Remote Monitoring & Management Service delivers an outcome based comprehensive solution for your entire enterprise 24X7X365.

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Service Desk and Colaboration

The ITonDemand Service Desk's main objective is to provide a first line of support resolving service interruptions. It provides a single point of contact for users to gain assistance in troubleshooting, get answers to questions, and solve known problems.

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Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

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Application Development and Testing

Our applications development expertise and experience allows us to meet a wide range of development needs. We can identify the need, design and build the solution from inspiration  to Deployment. Our solutions are tailor-made to the specific requirements of the customer. 


TAM Consulting is a global, full service technology consulting company providing ‘On Demand’ Managed Solutions, Strategic Consulting, and Business Process Outsourcing. We offer scalable IT solutions with an emphasis on quality, compliance, and most importantly, people..

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